How To Make A Sock Snowman – DIY

Part of the winter, in places where there is snow, is snowman making! Everyone adores it and kids love it the most. If they are made and it is cold enough they can last a lot, as long as the temperatures don’t drop too much. But, the sad part about them is that you can’t bring them in the house in the way that they naturally are, as much as you would want to and if you would like to have them as part of your decorations, you need to buy some from the store which are made from proper, lasting, materials. If you don’t want to spend too much on that and you would still want to decorate your house with a few snowmen we have a cute diy project for you on how to make a sock snowman.

How To Make A Sock Snowman - DIY

What you will need:
– white ankle sock;
– scissors;
– some colored buttons;
– rubber bands;
– some rice (for filling);
– small piece of fabric (for the scarf);
– a few different colored map pins: yellow and black;
– fabric glue.

1. Take the white sock and cut it from the foot.
2. Now, take the upper part and turn it inside out then attach the rubber band to one end.
3. Turn the sock back again then fill it with some rice, making sure it gets a nice and round base.
4. After you have almost reached the top, use another rubber band to close the sock, then another one 3/4 of the way to the top so you can have a head.
5. Now, start decorating your snowmen: add the fabric to the neck and make the scarf, use the map pins to make the eyes and nose, use the toe of the sock and make a nice cap for the snowman, glue the buttons on the belly and decorate the cap with something cute of your choice.
6. Your snowmen should be ready and you can use the same steps to make a different snowman, just change the colors and fabrics. This is a great decorating object and also a great gift for a loved one!

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