How to Make a Natural Looking Manicure

How to Make a Natural Looking Manicure

Bold or natural, mate or shiny, the way you take care of and wear your nails tell something about you and your personality. Sometimes the nail polish you wear affects your mood and if you want to go for a natural looking manicure try out this tutorial. It’s a great way to look neat and in the same time protect your nails with nail polish. The only things you will need in order to try this out are: nail tapes (preferably round ones as you can see in the pictures), white or beige nail polish and some top coat.

After you have shaped and prepared your nails for the polish, apply the tapes exactly where the length of the nails is starting. Apply the tapes to each nail, then apply white or beige polish. Take the tapes down, let the polish dry a little bit then apply some top coat on each one and this was it, you are done. This is an easy way to make a natural looking manicure and still enjoy a cute and simple look.

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