How To Make A Fruit Christmas Tree

Christmas is approaching fast and we are almost finishing this year too. A lot of people start searching now for cute and creative ideas and projects to do at home so they can decorate the house and the dinner table in the most beautiful way. Probably, you try to search for that too and also for some recipes, some new ones, to add to your traditional list which you use every year. Amongst all the goodies you will prepare, fruits should not miss from the table and instead of just displaying them there like usually, make an ingenious Christmas Tree out of them which everyone will adore.

How To Make A Fruit Christmas Tree

What you will need:
– one big apple;
– one long and thick carrot;
– fruits of your choice: grapes, melons, strawberries, pineapples, kiwi, oranges and blackberries;
– some tools: knife, some toothpicks, fruit cutter in different shapes (star, heart), scissors and a plate.

1. Prepare everything you need: peel the pineapple, cut the kiwi in small cubes, peel the oranges, cut the melon in small cubes, etc.
2. Take the pineapple slices and with the fruit cutter, make some shapes out of it.
3. Cut the bottom of the apple and place it on the plate. You need to cut it straight so it stays straight.
4. Clean the carrot and measure its diameter, you will make a hole in the apple of the diameter of the carrot then place the carrot inside.
5. Insert some toothpicks into the apple and it should look like a hedgehog.
6. Insert some toothpicks into the carrot too and as you go up make them smaller with the scissors.
7. Start putting the fruits on the toothpicks and start playing with your creativity, you can make them as you want, just make sure in the end looks like a Christmas Tree!

Photo courtesy: ginger-and-garlic.

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