How to Make a Chic Side Bun

Buns will never disappear from trend, they are perfect for a lot of occasions, from going out by day to wearing them while having fun by night. Some girls master this bun making technique as they gained experience doing them frequently. But what do you do when you have no idea of how to make one? You see lots of girls that have buns rich in hair and you might wonder if it’s really their hair or they use some tricks to create awesome hairstyles. You will find out here and follow this easy tutorial in making a chic side bun.


1. Brush your hair and gather it in a ponytail on the side you want your bun to be.

2. Loosen your hair a little bit for a more natural look.

3. Take a hair doughnut or make one from a sock (take a sock and cut a small section of it at the tiptoes, roll it into a doughnut and it’s perfect to be used) and put your hair inside of it.

4. Spread your hair all around as you can see in the picture so the doughnut is covered and fix it with an elastic.

5. Roll the hair that is left around the elastic and secure it with some bobby pins.

6. Loosen your hair from the bun and you are done, enjoy a romantic and chic hairstyle.


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Photo courtesy: for-your-beauty.

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