How to Make a Bandeau Top – DIY Tutorial

Bandeau tops are great to wear no matter the season, of course the most popular period when girls love them is summer, but also in the rest of the seasons, if you will wear them under something that is a little transparent. It is easy to sew and you will only need a few pieces of fabric to be able make an awesome one. Finding a bandeau that fits perfectly might be quite difficult as all of us have different sized breasts and some can be either too loose or too tight. You rarely find the perfect size.

How to Make a Bandeau Top - DIY Tutorial

What you will need:
– black spandex fabric (it can also be from an old undershirt);
– scissors;
– sewing kit;
– 4 different colored and patterned fabric strands.

1. Measure yourself first and decide how wide you want the bandeau to be and how long (so it can be long enough to be sewed in the back or tied). If you use an old undershirt, just cut out the width you need, without having to sew anything!
2. Cut out the necessary fabric and decide if you will tie it or sew it.
3. Get it on you and take one fabric strand and tie it around the middle of your chest area as you can see in the pictures.
4. Hide the knot to the back so it can’t be seen and your bandeau is ready!

Photo courtesy: randomlynew.

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