How To Make a 5 Strand Messy Braid

Have you ever tried to make a 5 strand messy braid for yourself or your friend? Or, better say, did you know there is such thing as a 5 strand braid? We tell you that there it is and it is easy and possible to make one, probably a little more difficult to make it for yourself, so you should be practicing on another friend first, then get to make it for you. This messy braid gives the person a youthful look, cute and stylish in the same time. If you have a long hair, a hair elastic, go for this look, nothing else needed, just some skilled hands.

How To Make a 5 Strand Messy Braid

1. Brush your hair very well and separate it in 5 sections
2. You will have to start from the right side and take the outer strand and put it over the one in the left, then take the same strand and put it under the next left strand, then over again the next strand, then under again and twist. It is an under, over movement you will have to make.
3. Take the left outer strand and do the upper, under movement again and again. Repeat until you reach to bottom.
4. Secure the braid with a hair elastic and if you want to make it look more messy, loosen the hair a little bit. 5 strands messy braid done!

Photo courtesy: myownlittleplayground.

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