How To Make a 3 Strap Bra For a Backless Dress – DIY

Backless dresses are awesome and great for summer they are very feminine and are amazing for a lot of occasions. They are great to wear if you have a nice tan or you just want to adopt a mysterious, yet charming look. Most of women can wear them with no problem, but the ones who have bigger breasts find it very difficult, as they have to wear a bra with them and this makes a backless dress not to cute. The ones who have smaller breasts don’t have this problem as they can easily go without a bra and still look like they have one on. To solve this problem we have for you a tutorial on how to make a 3 strap bra which can help you achieve the look you want without thinking your bra is there for everyone to see when wearing a backless dress.

How To Make a 3 Strap Bra For a Backless Dress - DIY

What you will need:
– a bra of your choice with a nice round shape, preferably one that can be closed in the front, it is easier to take on.
– 3 elastic straps of the color of your bra;
– some scissors;
– sewing kit.

1. Cut your bra on the sides and remove the straps of it from the front (if there are any).
2. Measure how long you want your straps to be in order for your bra to not fall off then cut them and sew them to the bra.
3. That was all! Hope you enjoyed this simple way to make your backless dress look awesome on you!

Photo courtesy: tumblr.

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