How To Have Younger Looking Skin – Tips And Tricks

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a beautiful and young skin for a long period of time? Most women want that and some even if they are still in their younger ages they face several skin problems that make them look older. Changes in lifestyle, stress, chemical products, junk food and sun, all damage the skin over time. Some of the skin damages can be treated and they can disappear if you take care of yourself and pay a closer attention to them. Some of the most common skin problems are: dark spots, big pores, fine lines and dry skin and you will find out how to prevent and treat them.

How To Have Younger Looking Skin - Tips And Tricks

How to treat:

1. Brown spots – appear mainly on the nose and cheeks and they are caused by exposure to sun. To prevent them you always have to wear sun protection before exposure and going out. If you use bleaching creams to fix this skin problem you can make it worse and accentuate the discoloration even more. To treat the brown spots go for an antioxidant cream because they neutralize the problem and even prevent them from reappearing.

2. Big pores – are caused by the loss of collagen from the skin, the more collagen you lose the bigger they get and they can’t shrank back permanently. Focus on always cleaning your skin deeply with good gels and toners and to treat the big pores use salicylic acid, it will keep them clean.

3. Dry skin – can be natural for a person meaning you have been born with it or can be cause by not drinking enough water or using harsh body creams. First thing you have to do is to drink plenty of water everyday and second is to use a hyaluronic acid cream that pulls water to the surface of the skin hydrating it. Be sure your next face cream has some hyaluronic acid in composition.

4. Fine lines – usually come with age but can be caused by dehydration, a lot of smiling and loss of collagen. If you have fine lines a heavy cream won’t help, use some peptide serums that help the skin cells produce more collagen and this way your fine lines will be reduced.

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