How To Get Rid Of Warts With Home Remedies

Warts are small and rough growths that look like a solid blister. Mostly, they appear because of certain viral infections on the body and they usually appear on hands and feet. They can also be taken from someone who has them, as they are contagious and a person can form warts without having any specific illness. They can disappear within a few months, but can recur! If you have one and want to get rid of it we will show you how. You don’t have to wait months to do that and you can confidently shake hands again with whoever you want without representing a danger to anyone.

How To Get Rid Of Warts With Home Remedies

How to get rid of warts:

1. Use fresh basil – because it has many anti-viral components and because it is efficient for speeding up the process of the wart going away. You need less than a half of cup of fresh basil leaves and something to crush them until they get “juicy” and mushy. Apply some of it to the wart, cover with a clean bandage and wait. In about two weeks, with changing the basil everyday, you will get rid of the wart.

2. Use duct tape – several studies have proven that it works, and you just have to get silver duct tape, tape the vart for 6 days and remove it in the 7th day. Immediately after, use a pumice stone to remove the hard skin. Reapply the tape for another 6 days if needed and repeat the process until the wart is gone.

3. Use salicylic acid – causes chemical destruction and forces the immune system to get rid of the wart. Soak the area in hot water for 5 minutes, then apply some salicylic acid on the wart. Let it dry and use a file to remove the hard skin. Do this, every 2-3 days, until you see it is completely gone.

4. Use apple cider vinegar:

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