How To Get Rid Of Double Chin

One of the biggest nightmares of good looking women when it comes to beauty is the double chin, it is very hard to get rid of it and especially to hide it. Imagine how much some women work on their looks and appearance and seems that the double chin is giving them problems. There are ways you can get rid of this and several useful solutions are available to hide them as much as you can. For some women it is not very visible, but some might be disturbed by it. If you want to know what you can do about this, stay with us.

double chin before and after

How to get rid of double chin:

1. Use makeup – it is always helpful and you can do great wonders with it. The trick is to define your jawline. You want to create a shade effect there, so use a darker powder to create it. Another thing that works wonders is to try and put the attention on different parts of your body, for example on your eyes.

2. Change your hairstyle – let your hair grow longer, short hair leaves the neck uncovered and this puts the attention on the neck. The best choice is a long bob and keeping it longer in the front and shorter in the back.

3. Wear proper clothes – for example when it is cold you can cover your neck with something.

4. Do some exercises like:
– Tongue press: get into a comfortable position with your back straight and shoulders relaxed. Look up to the ceiling and press your tongue upwards then lower the chin to the chest and start moving your head. When you feel the neck contracted, release the tongue and repeat this at least 20 times, you can do it daily and reduce the double chin.
– The O position: in the same comfortable position, make an “O” with your lips by looking at the ceiling. Stay in this position for 20 seconds, go back to a relaxed mode, and do it again. Repeat 20 times.
– Kiss the ceiling position: is like the “o” position but the only thing you will do differently is that instead of the “o”, you will act like you are kissing the ceiling.
– Tongue out position: Stay relaxed and open your mouth as wide as you can and in the same time stick your tongue out. Hold for 10 seconds, then repeat it 10 times.

All exercises give results in time and you have to keep practicing, the double chin look will be reduced and you can become more confident about your looks!

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