How To Get Rid Of Bruises Fast And Easy

Bruises are a nightmare, especially in summer when we show off more skin. They usually appear when we hit ourselves and can stay on the skin for weeks! Not the most positive scenario, especially if you are attending an event. Depending on how much you have hurt yourself, your bruises can go away faster or harder, or maybe they will stay on your skin forever affecting you emotionally and aesthetically. Beauty is important for all of us, even if we don’t admit that, it is something we want to keep for a long time and if you have some bruises for whatever reasons, get rid of them fast and easy by using our tips.

How To Get Rid Of Bruises Fast And Easy

How to get rid of bruises fast and easy:

1. Get rid of bruises with ice – this is the first step you have to do when you notice one. Ice helps to reduce the blood flow from the skin and this way will reduce the ugly look. Skip over the pain of the cold, this immediate action is very important.

2. Get rid of bruises by elevating your body partly in the air – sounds weird, but another way to stop the blood flow is to try a few strange poses, like sitting with your legs up. Reducing the blood flow from the area will also reduce the pain associated with them.

3. Get rid of bruises with ibuprofen – it will first reduce the pain, which can be unbearable sometimes and will also help reducing the visual effects. This is recommended only in more severe cases.

4. Get rid of bruises by using essential oils – and massage them into the skin. This type of remedy is great when you have blood clots as the massage will break them down and oils assist in strengthening the capillary walls too. You can use: a mix of geranium, lavender, cypress, lemon grass, fennel, rosemary and myrrh in any combination and equal quantities.

5. Get rid of bruises with parsley leaves – crush some of them and spread them on the bruised area, the juice will be absorbed by the skin immediately and it will heal them faster as parsley leaves contain Vitamin K and Vitamin C and they will reduce inflammation.

6. Get rid of bruises with vinegar and warm water – vinegar will help breaking down the blood clots and promote a very fast recovery. Just mix some vinegar with warm water and apply it on the damaged area of your body.

7. Get rid of bruises by exposing them to the sun – sun will actually help them fade away faster as UV rays break down bilirubin (the main culprit behind the brown-yellowish color of the bruise).

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