How to Get Enormous Looking Lashes

One secret for an amazing makeup are big lashes, they can make a huge difference between an ordinary and a glamorous look. Even if naturally you have small lashes you can make them look bigger and fuller with mascara and extensions. Big lashes make your eyes look bigger and more charming to others so knowing how to make them look enormous is a useful thing.

What you will need:

– volume mascara;
– lash curler;
– flour and a clean brush for mascara;
– lash fibers and glue;
– tweezers.


1. Take the lash curler and start by curling the lashes with it.

2. Apply a layer of mascara on your lashes.

3. Take the clean mascara brush, insert it into flour and apply it to you lashes, try to make this as quick as possible while the previously applied mascara is still fresh and the flour can stick to it. The flour will thicken them.

4. Add another layer of mascara over what you have put until now on your lashes with a zig zag movement.

5. Apply mascara on your lower lash lines too, then take the lash fibers with the tweezers, apply glue on them then stick them to yours, but only at the ends.

6. If you have followed all steps you will enjoy a princess look!


Photo courtesy: divinecaroline.

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