How to get a Look with Bangs without Cutting Your Hair

If you are not the type of person who likes to make sudden and long term changes when it comes to your hair but you would still like to experiment here and there with how you look you will enjoy this idea on how to get bangs if you have none and you don’t want to cut your hair. It’s easy, all you have to do is to buy some clip in bangs. You can find them in stores of profile and be careful that the color of the bangs match your natural hair color, try to test this in the store.

To create this glamorous look we will show you today you will need your clip in bangs and a hair curler. Wash your hair, dry it and curl it lightly just to get a few natural waves. Part your hair in the middle and take the fake bangs and clip them to the root of your hair. Separate some hair before applying the clips, hair that will come over them later to hide the roots. Comb the hair together with the bangs to make it look like it is in continuity then apply some hairspray to secure the curls.

Check out also the pictures below to see the procedure! You are ready with this hairstyle and can enjoy your temporary bangs without needing you to cut your hair long term.

How to get a Look with Bangs without Cutting Your Hair

Photo courtesy: bobbyglam.

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