How to Fix Loose Jeans

Loosen jeans can give so much discomfort when wearing them, you can constantly feel that they are falling off. Besides this, they aren’t too great aesthetic wise and you don’t want to go out with miss fitted jeans. You can actually fix this problem with an elastic band without needing to take your pair of jeans out of use or take them to a tailor to get to fix them.

You will need:
– 1/2 inch elastic band for light weight denim and wider elastic for heavy denim;
– sewing machine or sewing kit;

Directions: Cut out a 6 inch long strip from the elastic roll and you will have to sew it on your jeans. Pull the elastic tightly and start the sewing from the middle of the strip until the end of it. Do the same for the other side and remember to pull the elastic as tightly as possible. Avoid stitching through the belt loops and use navy thread if you don’t want it to be seen. You can see the before and after pictures, this is such an easy way to repair loose jeans quickly and easily.

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