How to Fill and Shape Your Eyebrows Perfectly


Shape your eyebrows perfectly with this quick and simple method. Make-up looks greater and eyes pop out much more with eyebrows that are beautiful and well done. Have you ever had problems in finding the best method in shaping eyebrows? If yes, forget about them and follow the steps from the list, the pictures and the video below.

1. With the help of a small brush start brushing your eyebrows.
2. Take a pencil that is similar to your eyebrow color and hair and begin shaping them. Start to outline the bottom for both sides then go to the top. Be careful here to create symmetry because this is one of the most important steps of the process.
3. After creating the outline shapes, fill in the brows with the same pencil or powder and brush again.
4. Take a foundation or a concealer of a lighter color than your skin and apply it around your eyebrows like you can see in the pictures below, then blend it with a small brush. You are ready!

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Photo courtesy: makeupbydeendal.

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  1. Hi. How do I purchase the kit you show in your tutorial for shaping eyebrows and of course the flat brush? Thank you Brenda

  2. Hiya where can I purchase the kit you showed on your tutorial for shaping eyebrows need one desperately thank you Theresa

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