How To Fake A Clean House When Last Minute Visitors Announce They’re Coming

Imagine you not having time to clean the house and last minute visitors want to come and see you. You don’t want to feel embarrassed and still want to make a good impression to them, but how can that cleaning be possible in less than 15 minutes? The answer is simple and doable if you follow the instructions from the list below. You have to focus on hiding, which is kind of half cleaning, so you still have to clean up the real mess afterwards.

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1. Pick the clutter up only in the rooms where you will receive the guests and trash the other ones, so basically you will throw around stuff in the house from one room to another to create a clean and fresh look. Don’t forget to lock the room if you have a key to the door.

2. If you don’t have many rooms, use your storage containers and throw everything in them like kids trow their toys into baskets. Hide stuff behind or under the couch and in the trash cans.

3. For dirty dishes, if you have a dish washer, just throw them inside. If not, arrange them in the sink and put a cutting board over, so everything is almost hidden.

4. If you have paper and small random stuff around, take a box and throw them into it.

5. Clean every counter and table top from dust and get rid of dead flowers.

6. If you own a microfiber couch just take a brush and scrub the small spots out.

7. If outside it is still day, make sure to let much light into the house, so open the curtains. This will create a brighter look.

8. Turn the blinds up for a more effective and clean look.

9. Make sure you straighten the chairs and put some nice smelling stuff around, so make the house smell good, it is very important.

10. Run into the bathroom because you never know if your guests will need to use it, arrange the towels, quickly scrub the toilet, wipe down the sink and mirror and spray some nice smelling scents around.

After all, now you are prepared to receive your guests but don’t forget to do a proper cleaning afterwards!

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