How to Fake a Bob Hairstyle if You Have a Long Hair

Having a long hair is what almost all women want, long, shinny and beautiful. Sometimes it is fun, sometimes you want a change. Cutting the hair can be a solution but most women with long hair regret it immediately after doing it. So, how you can enjoy a short looking hairstyle even if you have long hair? Is that even possible? Of course it is, just use a few tricks and the look is done without the regret of losing the hair. If you are a person with a long hair and fancy having a bob, stay with us and see how you can have the look.

What you will need:

– curling iron (if your hair is not already curly);
– comb;
– hair clips;
– hair elastic;
– hairspray.


1. First thing you have to do is to curl all of your hair and let it become wavy.

2. Then, with a comp start teasing it a little bit on the roots.

3. Take the hair elastic and gather all the hair and be careful, you don’t want to make a ponytail you just want the elastic to hold the ends of your hair as you can see in the pictures.

4. Take the bobby pins and fix the hair underneath, set the length you desire by fixing the hair upper or more down as you like it.

5. In the end add some hairspray and enjoy your bob.

How to Fake a Bob Hairstyle if You Have a Long Hair

Photo courtesy: brit.

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