How to Curl Your Hair with a Hair Straightener

Creating several hairstyles at home can cost a lot of money if you invest in proper tools, like hair straighteners, curlers and various other ones. If you only have a flat iron, don’t panic, you can make curls with that too and the curls might actually last longer than the one mades with other techniques. You will only need your iron, freshly cleaned hair, a hair brush and some hairspray. Follow the steps below and watch the video to see the procedure.

How to Curl Your Hair with a Hair Straightener


1. Wash and dry your hair as you usually do and brush it. Meanwhile put your flat iron to the highest temperature. If you have at home, you can use some heat protectant (but it is optional)

2. Split your hair into two sections and start curling from the lower part, twist the strand on the flat iron as you can see in the picture and slowly move it down the entire length of the hair. The lower you move the better your curls will stay.

3. Do the same move to all hair strands from the lower section, release the upper section and do it again until your entire hair is curled.

4. Apply hairspray for a better fix.

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