How to Create Bigger Eyes with Double Eyelid Trick

double eye lid

If you have very small eyes and you want to make them look bigger you are in the right place. Of course that makeup is very useful with that, but not all the time. For when makeup is not useful, you can try out the eyelid stickers. There are eyelid sticker that you literally can stick to your skin and create a bigger eyes effect in just seconds! All you have to do is to take the sticker and in your mind set the place where you want to put it and where the depth look will be created. Stick it to that place and press it inwards then take some scissors and cut down the unnecessary ends of the eyelid sticker that are showing.

Remember that this type of products stick only to a clean skin so you don’t want to have any makeup on, you can apply some makeup after but try to avoid the area where you have it so it won’t peel off. Great trick to create double eyelid and bigger eyes. Tell us if you would try this!

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  1. Yes, I would try this if the tape stays put all day. Does it> Where do you purchase it and what is it called? ~ Micheline

  2. I personally think you don’t need to do stuff to make your eyes look bigger. Regardless of the social pressure on what/who is pretty in any culture, I think we should embrace our natural beauty. WHY? Because no matter how hard you look, THERE’S NO PERSON THAT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE YOU. YOU ARE YOU, and you are beautiful no matter what. Well, thats what I think. I personally don’t wear makeup (I kinda hate it), or try to look cute (just dressing for comfort here!), or try different products to get rid of my blemishes- I kinda like them, and think the are cute. When you look closer, even the your greatest body insecurity e.g. your eyes, can be turn into a cute feature you appreciate later on. Our imperfections is what REALLY makes us unique. If everyone were the stereotypical “beauty,” won’t we all look the same?

  3. From my point of view (beauty is in the eye of the beholder) this tape is noticeably unnatural. Eh, to each their own. If makeup actually enhances your outer self and makes you the better version of your doppelganger, then carry on 😉

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