How to Create Big Fat Lashes When You Don’t Have Them

Having big lashes is a huge plus in creating charming looks. When you have thin lashes and every mascara you have tried out didn’t work or didn’t make a too much of a difference, you can try out this simple trick on how to create big fat lashes. You can really make them look fuller with just one product, it lasts long and works wonders.

What you will need to create this look:
– baby powder;
– cotton sticks;
– mascara.

Directions: Take the mascara and apply a thin layer of it on your lashes just to have a base for the powder to stick to. Quickly take some baby powder on a q-tip and gently apply it to your lashes (upper, lower or both if you want). Apply another layer of mascara and you are finished with the look! If you feel you could make them fuller and you aren’t satisfied even now after applying a layer of baby powder, you can add one more layer of powder and one more layer of mascara.

Create Big Fat Lashes

Photo courtesy: makeupandmacaroons.

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