How to Correct Makeup Mistakes

If you are not so good with makeup it is ok, we all have been there and know how hard it is to apply a liquid eyeliner in order to line your eyes. Sometimes, even using a pencil it seems hard and what we would like our makeup to look like just doesn’t come out that way. What happens when you make a mistake? Maybe your hand was shaking while applying the liner and you smudged it. Don’t worry, we will show you how to fix this so you don’t have to take down everything you have applied prior to this to your lid (like eyeshadows).

How to Correct Makeup Mistakes

What you will need:
– eye primer;
– q-tip;
– your eyeliner (liquid or pencil, depends on what you have used);
– small brush;
– eyeshadow you have used before.

1. Put a very small amount of eye primer on your hand, take the q-tip and take some product on it.
2. Go to the spot where you have made the mistake and start cleaning up the mess.
3. Apply eyeshadow over the spot to correct the mismatch in colors.
4. Take the liquid liner and run over the entire lash line again, but this time be more careful. Congratulations, you have just fixed the problem!

How to Correct Makeup Mistakes

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