How to Contour Different Lips Shapes

Doesn’t matter what type of lips you have, you can always make them look better and fuller. There are so many tricks that can make thin lips look bigger and there are so many tricks that can make enormous lips look much nicer and reduce from their fullness effect, but you probably don’t want to do that. When it comes to these matters, balance is everything, balanced features are what you want to reach. Sometimes, lips contouring it is necessary for correcting certain deformities of the lips, so no matter the case, you can use this. Once you did the contouring with the right color, you have to fill in the lips with the suitable lipstick and if you want to be more observable and your lips to be plump, you can use lip gloss.

How to Contour Different Lips Shapes

How to contour different lip shapes:
1. Thin Lower Lip – outline the lower lip a little bit with a pencil to make them look even.
2. Oval Lips – usually lack a good cupids shape so when you make the contouring, on the upper lip, don’t forget to do the “v” shape.
3. Thin Upper Lip – can be corrected by outlining the upper lips easily.
4. Downturned Lips – need some tricks to reach the good shape, so you have to work more on the outer corners and create an upwards arch.
5. Thin Lips – need outlining on both, upper and lower lips so they can look fuller.
6. Large Full Lips – here you have to go with the line a little under the shape of the lips on both sides to balance them with your other features.
7. Small Lips – need to be widened, but don’t take it to far because you can achieve a clown look.
8. Sharp Lips – because they can look a little harsh, they need to be softened by small curves here and there.
9. Uneven Lips – just try to recreate a normal shape of the lips, how you would like them to be.

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