How To Clean Makeup And Beauty Tools

Makeup tools come in a wide range lately, and it seems that more and more type of products are created to help women become more beautiful with makeup. If they are not cleaned with regularity, old residues get deposited on the tools and with that, dirt and dust too. Sometimes we even need to clean the the tools before using different types of products. How you can keep everything you need nice and clean? It’s quite simple and easy if you follow these instructions.

How To Clean Makeup And Beauty Tools
Hair Tools

1. Hair brushes – always pull out the hair from the bristles and don’t let it build up too much. The bristles of the brush can be easily cleaned with some shampoo.

2. A hair dryer – can be cleaned with a toothbrush, clean only the vent from the back of it.

3. Curling tools – get black build up and to remove that use some acetone on a wipe and clean the surface and plates.

Makeup Tools

1. Eyelash curlers – can get full of old mascara and you can remove that with some makeup remover wipes. Pads have to be changed with regularity.

2. Makeup brushes – can be cleaned in lots of ways and to find that out by reading “Cleaning Makeup Brushes – DIY”.

3. Nail Tools – all the nail tools have to be cleaned with regularity and be soaked in antibacterial lotions or alcohol. The nail file has to be changed every few months.

Beauty Tools

1. Tweezers can be cleaned with some alcohol and if you want to sharpen then, take a nail file and work with the edges.

2. Pencil sharpeners – from time to time you can unscrew the blade of them and sharpen them with a knife. They will work again like they are new and you don’t risk ruining makeup pencils.

3. Makeup bins – can be cleaned the same way as you wash a dirty plate. Take the garbage out of them and wash the bin with regularity.

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