How to Choose the Right Eyeliner

How to Choose the Right Eyeliner

An eyeliner does what it says, lines the eyes. The way you apply it to your eyes and the color of it can massively change the way you look. Sometimes you can emphasize your eyes in a beautiful way and sometimes, if you don’t know what suits you, you can create a disaster and actually hide your qualities. The purpose of make-up is to enhance what you already got and make it look 10 times better.

Tips on how to choose the right eyeliner:

1. A good eyeliner doesn’t smudge and it is easy to apply;

2. There are several types of eyeliners, like pencils, powders, liquids and gels (people who don’t have much time to do their make-ups should pick pencils because they are the easiest to use).

3. Black eyeliner is the most common color used because suits and makes a contrast with every eye color (white eyeliners make your eyes to look bigger when you apply them in the inner corner of each eye or on the lower part of your eye);

4. If you want to create a soft natural line along your eyes go for a classic pencil;

5. If you want to create the eyes of your dreams, liquid eyeliner is for you (it takes some practice to apply it, but once you get the technique you will be very happy with the results);

6.For a long lasting eyeliner pick the powders, most make-up artists use them in order to create celebrity looks;

7. Each woman usually can pick various designs for their eyes, but the winner of all will be the cat eye look.

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