How To Choose Outfit That Makes You Look Thinner

Weight is probably a matter we all have faced at one point in our lives. Even if we had no reason to, even if we were skinny enough, we found moments when we felt we might have some problems with weight. For those moments and not only, choosing the right outfit would have been life saving! When we feel we gained some weight, picking the right clothes can be a temporary solution and reduce the “big lady” look. We have a few fashion tips and tricks for you to make that possible and enjoy a day out no matter the size you are!

Here is what you can wear so you look thinner:

1. The Empire Waist – is one of the best ways to hide a big tummy. Usually dresses have this cut, but also blouses can have it and they go great with some classical jeans or leggings. Empire waist practically means that right under your bust there is a lot of material sewn in so it doesn’t stick to your skin like the upper part, it stays larger. However, women, with larger busts, don’t look very well with this cut and they need to avoid it. If you don’t have clothes with this cut, just take an oversized blouse and wear it with a belt, will create a similar effect.

2. All Black Clothing – we all know black is a color that makes someone look thinner just because it absorbs the light, rather than reflecting it and this doesn’t create weird shadows on the body. If you find black extremely boring, one solution for that is to wear it with colorful accessories.

3. Maxi Skirts And Dresses – perfect for people who want to hide more their lower parts of the body, like legs. If you want to create the illusion of being taller, chose a high waisted skirt and if you want to create the illusion of being smaller, choose a low waisted one.

4. Vertical Stripes – are always a win and they create the elongated effect which you want, the horizontal stripes create a wider effect, which you don’t want. Another tip is to wear the vertical stripes in a way that the darker colors are at the sides, you will be amazed how great this works!

5. Peplum – a very popular trend lately, will make any woman look like they have a small waist. You can find peplum on skirts, blouses and dresses, basically on everything, not just on tops. If you have wide hips, you can pick a high waisted peplum skirt, if you have a big bust, you can pick the blouse and will be a great way for you to look skinnier!

From all the methods we have exposed to you, the best thing you can do it to experiment them all and see which one you prefer!

Photo by AllGo – An App For Plus Size People on Unsplash.

Keep being AllDayChic!

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