How to Built a Closet


According to the crowded lifestyle we have to live in, we have to think about each and every inch in our house, and use it wisely.

Therefore, when you have all the dimensions of your closet, you should start calculating the space you need for every piece of clothing you own. We say you should first make a drawing on a graph paper, and start sketching what you need and where. Measure what is the space you need to put some pants on a hanger, and see how tall should the closet shelf be for the pants section. Do the same to determine the height of the shelf where your shirts and blouses/short dresses will be put. Now you only have to measure what height is needed for the shelf with boots and shoes. Do not forget about spaces that will hold baskets and bins for your undergarments: socks, bras, belts and such. After you decided where everything should be put, paint the wood for the shelves.

If you check out the closet we posted for example, you can notice there is a piece of pine that is supporting the shelving all the way around. More here.
We hope you will find this post useful, and if you try it, don;t forget to show us how it turns out!

How-a-Girl-Built-her-CLoset-21 Photo courtesy: confessionsofaserialdiyer.

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