Women love change especially when it comes to their hair. We all love to change the haircut, the hair colors and this makes us more confident and even the world seems a better place with a nice looking hair. But when having a dark hair and wanting to change it in a lighter shade, we also have to think about our eyebrows, they also need to be bleached, especially if we go from dark brown to blonde. If you would like to do that at home, but you don’t know the process and steps, follow our tutorial and make from this stressful experience a pleasant one.

How To Bleach Eyebrows

What you will need:
– vaseline;
– eyebrows bleach that you buy in store;
– a clean mascara brush;
– purple shampoo;
– q-tips.

1. The very first thing you have to do is to clean and groom your eyebrows.
2. Apply vaseline around them with a q-tip to protect the skin.
3. Prepare the bleach as the instructions from the package state and with a clean mascara brush apply it over your eyebrows.
4. Leave the bleach on for a few minutes then carefully remove it.
5. Using a q-tip apply the purple shampoo, leave it on for 10 minutes and this will give the brows a more natural look. Don’t worry, your brows won’t come out purple!
6. If you want, use an eyebrow pencil to shape them and notice the differences in before and after. Hopefully you got the right shade and you will enjoy your new look, because a different color for eyebrows definitely make you look different!

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