How To Look Beautiful With NO Makeup

Everywhere we look online, there are tutorials and tutorials on how to look beautiful with makeup, but wait, can’t you look beautiful with NO makeup? Of course you can, there are a few things you should pay more attention to in order to to be able to be proud not needing makeup on face, because we all know we use all of these beauty products to cover our imperfections. So, if you don’t have imperfections, that means they don’t need to be covered and let’s look at our “how to be a hottie with no makeup” list.

How To Be a Hottie With NO Makeup

How to look beautiful with NO makeup:
1. Pay more attention to your hair – keep it nice and healthy. Wear a hairstyle that suits you and accentuates your beautiful face features, always keep it clean and healthy and everyone will notice and compliment it.
2. Have a good skin – drink enough water, use suitable creams that your skin type needs. Buy face creams with high solar protection and use them before you go out, you don’t want your face to be burned. Clean the face properly before going to sleep so it can breathe and remove all the dirt accumulated by day.
4. Have healthy and moisturized lips – lips look gorgeous when they are exfoliated with regularity and they are soft. Always use a lip balm to make sure they are not dry.
5. Take care of your health – get a gym membership, have a fit body and eat healthy as much as you can, good amount of vitamins and minerals is essential for the body, that is its nourishment.
6. Have your own style – what does that mean? choose a style that suits you and stick to it, groom yourself very well everyday and you won’t need any makeup as you will look like a beautiful doll!

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