How to Avoid and Get Rid of Shaving Bumps

When we don’t have time to get a wax or don’t have patience for the hair to grow enough to get a wax we turn to shaving our legs or any part of the body that needs a shave and it is hairy. It is a fast and quick method and perfect for when you are in a hurry to go out. Waxing can make your skin red and irritated, but sometimes shaving is doing the same thing. We have presented you previously “How to properly shave your legs”, but sometimes when redness still occurs, you can follow these simple after tips on how to get rid of the shaving bumps.

How to Avoid and Get Rid of Shaving Bumps

How to avoid and get rid of shaving bumps?

1. Before shaving consider letting your hair to grow at least one millimeter long, so you don’t risk cutting a part of the skin where the hair is still trying to come out.

2. Avoid scratching the skin and letting your nails to dig into the skin. This will prevent eventual infection.

3. Apply Retin-A to the problem areas, this helps the skin to become more smoother.

4. If your razor is dull, throw it to the garbage and get a new one, this complicates shaving.

5. Avoid shaving daily, instead shave every second or third day to allow the hair to grow.

6. You can exfoliate the skin before shaving, this helps the process to be smoother.

7. Try to not get over the same area many time, once or twice it is enough and you prevent irritations.

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