How To Arm Knit A Blanket In Less Than An Hour – DIY Tutorial

Arm knitting started to become more and more popular lately as the people who discovered the technique loved it and started sharing it with their family and friends. Many knit lovers who have blogs attempted to do scarves with arm knitting then went further and started making all sorts of things like blankets and they posted their work online!

Because we found making a blanket with arm knitting extremely creative, we decided to share the technique with you too so you can make one for yourself. It takes you less than an hour to have an amazingly good looking blanket and the investment is minimal, you only need to buy suitable yarn in the color you love. Isn’t it amazing, to be able to make a blanket just using your hands and a yarn?

Follow the tutorials below and give it a try! Once you get into the making, you will want to do more and more so we are sure in the case that happens your friends and family will be very happy to receive such a gift.

What you will need:

– yarn which you think is suitable for a blanket (it has to be bulky and if it is not thick enough, you can use 3 bulky ones combined together);
– scissors.


If you have seen our tutorial on how to knit a scarf with your arms, then you will be familiar with what you will have to do here. You will start making a flip knot and cast on your right hand 32 stitches to begin the knitting. If you want your blanket wider, cast on more stitches. Continue to knit 23 rows then bind off. Finish with weaving in the ends and your blanket is ready. Follow the instructions in the video below for a better understanding on how to cast on the stitches, how to make the knit and how to bind off. Enjoy!


                                                                                                                                 Photo courtesy: craftsunleashed.

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