How to Apply Temporary Lip Tattoo

You can create a totally different and gorgeous look for yourself with the help of lip tattoos. To apply a lip tattoo you have to buy some patterns for that, like the Violent lips brand. You will find out here how to correctly apply them so they will last longer and look better.

You will need:
violent lips;
– scissors;
– water;
– cotton ball;
– mirror.

Directions: The first thing you want to do is to pop out the upper lip from the paper. Align the center cupid of the violent lip to your actual cupid and open your mouth in a relaxed “a” shape. Now you have to take the scissors and adjust the upper lips to your lip size after you have measured it (never trim or cut on the top of the lip). Peel the plastic off and place the sticky side on your lip then take the cotton ball and dip it into the water. Pad the cotton ball on your lip and soak the paper with water. After the paper is soaked in water it will come off easily. Soak your upper lip with even more water. It is time to go to the bottom lip and follow the same process to apply them: measure, cut, remove the plastic film, put the sticky side on and soak with plenty of water. They last between 4 to 8 hours and you can easily remove them with makeup remover.


Photo courtesy: @Lolitavalverde.

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