How to Apply Perfume The Right Way

Who would have thought that there is a right way to apply perfume? Most of us just spray it randomly over our skin and clothes just before leaving the house without doing too much thinking. This might end in either not putting enough on, either putting too much on and suffocate other people. The perfumes we are using are telling a story about ourselves and it is important to take in consideration these tips.

What are the most common mistakes in perfume applying?
– spraying it all over the body instead of key places;
– putting on too much perfume and the smell can become heavy, especially in summer.

How to apply perfume the right way?


– before applying perfume keep your shower gels and soap scents to minimum so it doesn’t mix with the smell of the perfume;
– the most important parts where perfume should be applied are “pulse points”, these points are where heat is emanated, the blood vessels are closer to the skin and the smell is pulsated in the air;
– these “pulse points” are: inner wrists, behind the ears, behind knees, throat, inner elbows and cleavage zone;
– don’t spray all spots at once, instead use 2 or 3 for a perfect quantity of perfume on you;
– avoid rubbing your wrists together, the natural oils of the skin can destroy the smell of the perfume;
– best time to apply perfume is after the shower.

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