How To Apply Liquid Blush – Tutorial

Applying blush on face is one of those steps you can’t ignore while doing your makeup. Doesn’t matter the color, important it is to be there as it creates shadow and gives color and shape to the face. Most blushes come under a form of powder and rarely in a form of liquid. The powder ones are easy to apply, as you take a brush and dab it to your face. When it comes to liquid ones the procedure is slightly different.

How To Apply Liquid Blush - Tutorial

What you will need:
– your liquid blush;
– special brush.

Directions: Take the liquid blush and squeeze out a pea sized amount onto the back of your hand. Take the brush and dab it to your hand, the product from the hand has to transfer to the brush. Look in the mirror and fake a smile so you know where you have to apply the blush. Swirl the brush directly to the apples of your face then sip in cheeks to be sure you stay on top of the cheekbones. The procedure is quite easy and the good thing about liquid blush is that it gives a youthful shine to the face.

Photo courtesy: thebeautydepartment.

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