How to Apply Facial Mask The Right Way

It is very important to take good care of our skin and especially the one from our face. Besides the daily skincare routine we have to apply from time to time some nourishing masks either the ones we buy, either some that we can prepare at the comfort of our own home. It might seem strange to ask someone if they know how to apply a face mask the right way? Yes, but the way you apply it will really determine how effective the mask is. The skin requires a certain preparation so all the nutrients will be absorbed in it and have a positive impact on the look of the person.

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How to apply facial mask:
1. Prepare for some mess – you don’t know if something will leak or not so try to wear old clothes you don’t mind getting destroyed. Also have a towel with you and if you think it can get very messy do everything in the bathroom.
2. Have a clean face – everytime you want to apply a mask to your face start with making it clean, use a facial cleanser to remove dirt and oils and wash with warm water.
3. Open the pores – use steam to do that. Warm water can do it too, but for opening them better and for a deeper cleaning process, put some water in a bowl, bring it to the boiling point. Take it down, put your face over the water, be careful not to burn yourself and have a towel on your head. Stay like this around 5 minutes. Another way to open pores is to use a cloth soaked in hot water and keep it on the face for a few minutes. Again, beware to not burn yourself.
4. Apply the mask – only with clean hands or other clean utensils. Cover as much as you can from the face except sensitive points if the mask is harsh, like the ones to prevent acne.
5. Wait and wash off – stay with the mask on your face as long as you have to, it should be written on the package if you bought the mask and then just wash it off using warm water. To close the pores in the end, wash with cold water.
Important: For a good, healthy and smooth skin, use a facial mask at least once a week!

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