How To Apply a Cat Eye For Monolid Eyes

If you have monolid eyes, probably you have encountered some difficulties with some makeup styles, you usually had to make them slightly differently because of this. Applying cat eye on a monolid one can be quite tricky as you want to make the makeup be observed as much as possible and not smudge it in the same time. The trick stays in the technique and we will show you how to make an awesome cat eye. Having a monolid eye shouldn’t stop you trying on everything you want, in fact sometimes you can have certain makeup styles that others can’t!

How to Apply a Cat Eye for monolid eyes

What you will need:
– black eye pencil and pen;
– small angled brush;
– a business card or a small piece of cardboard.

1. Take the business card and place it in the outer corner of the eye in a way it makes a small angle with the lash line.
2. Apply a very thin line of eyeliner with the pencil on the upper lash line.
3. Take the small angled brush, transfer some eyeliner on it and make the line thicker.
4. In the end, take the other eye pen and insist on the cat eye to make it more observable and you are ready with it!

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