How Forehead Shapes can Reveal your Personality

How Forehead Shapes can Reveal your Personality

In many cultures, they say that your forehead brings forth and projects the light of your personality. There are many ways in which the hairline that adorns your forehead can reveal bits of what lies beneath. Check out the various types of foreheads listed below and learn how to read personalities just be looking at someone!

1. Broad: You are famed for your intelligent and rational approach to life. Adored by all, and especially the elders, you are a people’s person and love to socialize!

2. Narrow: Unique and prone to enjoying your own company often, you have your own rules and are not really affected by what the society spells as being right or wrong! You are extremely happy with the way you are!

3. Straight: Blessed with a never-give-up attitude, you are a go-getter in every field. Believing firmly in the fruits of hard work, you value time and never like to waste even a precious moment!

4. Curved: An emotional being with a soft heart, you are prone to indulging into your emotional energies when challenged with a decision. However, you are also smart and are able to tactfully steer situations!

5. M-Shaped: Extremely imaginative and creative, you are blessed with multiple talents and often can imagine up an entirely different world! Witty and charming, you also have a sense of humour that your friends adore!

6. Fuji Mount Shaped: A soft and gentle personality, you are very affectionate and kind hearted. You may be a little passive, and are willing to sacrifice for the ones who are lucky to have won your love!

7. Sharp: Headstrong and non-negotiable, your decisive ways may lead some people to think that you are stubborn! You love yourself a little more than others and need to be a bit more generous!

So which one did you turn out to be?

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