How Does “A Real Woman” Look Like

Perception of beauty is changing in time, we become more and more obsessed about being skinny and slim that we forget how a curvy woman looks like and how beautiful it is to be curvy. Some people say that curvy women are the real women, not the skinny ones. What do you think about this? Actually, being real means existing and we can’t categorize that a certain type of a woman is real or not.

Real woman or a real man is whatever you are so it isn’t a specific thing! All those campaigns that are trying to set a standard of beauty and what is real are in vain as long as we all accept our individuality. Everything is an illusion and the saying that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder is true.

Are you curvy or skinny? Doesn’t matter, you are you and that is the most beautiful thing, this world doesn’t need women who all look the same. Beauty is in diversity and don’t let media and society decide if you are a real woman or not.

Being a real woman is an attitude!

How Does “A Real Woman” Look Like

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