3 Ways Busy Families Can Free up Their Time

Families are busy; especially if you have kids. The older the kids get, the busier things seem to become. Even if your family doesn’t have children or you’re now in an empty nest, it seems society is busier than it’s ever been. While that busyness isn’t all bad, many people lament that they wished they had more free time. Here are three ways you can free up time for your family.

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1. Try Food Delivery

Going to the grocery store often takes longer than you might anticipate — especially if you don’t know exactly what meals you want to make before you get there. You can get fresh and ready meals delivered so you don’t have to worry about grocery shopping.

Instead of walking through the store aisle by aisle, you can order your food by the meal, which is a great way to try new recipes you may not have otherwise. This also prevents running to the neighbor’s house at the last minute to ask for an egg or cup of flour.

2. Set a Phone Curfew

These days, one of the biggest ways people waste time is on their phones. Not all time spent on a phone is wasted, but if you haven’t said it yourself, you’ve heard somebody claim to be addicted to their phone or certain apps.

Studies have shown that it’s common for people to average more than four hours each day on their phone — this simply wasn’t an issue society faced 20 years ago. It’s not all bad — 20 years ago, people didn’t have an entire world of information and entertainment in their pockets at all times.

Consider how your life would change if you and others in your family could gain several extra hours of free time every day.

You can use various apps or tools to limit your phone usage, but the simplest — and possibly, most effective — approach is to set a curfew. You can easily accomplish this with an alarm at the same time each night reminding you to put your phone away. Put your phone in a drawer or somewhere else you won’t use it, and enjoy your evening.

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3. Utilize a Cleaning Service

It’s easy to think that only very wealthy families can afford to pay somebody to clean their homes, but this service is surprisingly within reach for many families that may not realize it. Cleaning takes a lot of time and can leave you mentally drained if you already have a busy day on top of taking care of your living space.

Check your local listings for cleaners, and try having somebody come help you out for a little while to see if it’s a good fit for your family. Some services come weekly, and others will just come as needed. Some specialize in deep cleaning, while others will do some of the surface work like doing your laundry.

You may be busy with all kinds of good things, or maybe you feel you struggle using your time wisely. Try freeing up your time by getting help with food or cleaning, and put your phone away, and you might feel like you’ve gained an extra day each week.

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