Homemade Therapy to Heal Chapped Lips – DIY


All of girls know that a very important section of our body represents lips. This is enough reason for us girls to take care of our lips as often as possible. It is useless to say how important it is in general to make attention to every part of our bodies. Therefore we should not blame winter for our harmed lips, because if we think about how much water we drink daily in the summer, we might get to understand why our body is almost perfectly hydrated, including our lips, mostly during summer.

But while there is too much cold wind or too much sun our lips will always suffer, and sometimes the lip balm is not enough to heal them. We want to suggest to you some therapeutic remedies. One of the remedies is to open a capsule of vitamin E and aply it to your lips. Another remedy is the use of coconut oil or, petroleum jelly applied on the lips before going to sleep, in the morning you will be surprised how moistened and hydrated your lips will be.

A different treatment is based on honey and Vaseline applied on the lips after they are being wet with warm water. Let it act like a mask, and remove after 10 minutes with warm water. The most important is how to maintain the effects of these treatments, therefore don’t forget to drink a lot of water!

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