Homemade Hair Lightening and Color Removal Method

Most of the times, when you want to lighten the color of your hair you have to go in a specialized salon, pay a lot of money and eventually get your hair burned. Most of the methods used today in salons are quite harmful for the hair and if you want to go from a very dark color to a very light one you gotta have some patience. Have you ever thought that there are alternatives to these chemical procedures that weaken the hair? Of course they are and one of them is Vitamin C. Would you feel safe to lighten your hair with natural ingredients? If yes, you can stay with us because you will find out how you can use it! Say goodbye to the heavy hair damage and enjoy this less harmful method which works wonders.

Natural Hair Lightening Method You Can Try at Home

What you will need:
– capsules of Vitamin C (around 100, more or less depending on you hair length, if your hair is short you can use only 50);
– a few tablespoons of olive oil;
– a few teaspoons of honey;
– lemon juice;
– hair conditioner;
– small glass container;
– brush to apply the mix on the hair;
– a few towels to protect your clothes;
– plastic foils.

1. We didn’t give exact quantities because they depend on how light you want your hair to be and how long it is. You will have to make a thick paste out of all the ingredients and just try not to add too much of lemon juice because dries out the hair. Vitamin C will do most of the work and the conditioner and olive oils is there to give more moisture to the hair.
2. First thing you have to do is to crush the capsules in the small glass container then add the olive oil, the honey and the lemon juice and keep mixing these together. Add conditioner in the end to make a creamy mix similar to hair dye.
3. Apply the mix to your hair and sit with it at least one hour. It works better if you cover your hair with some plastic foil and towel so the heat will help activate Vitamin C.
4. After the time mentioned, check your hair in the mirror, if you want it lighter, wait half an hour more.
5. Wash the mix off and shampoo and condition as usual. You will see results from the first try and if you go from a very dark color to a very light one, repeat this procedure every 1-2 weeks meanwhile you take special care of the hair by conditioning it and using right hair care products.

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  1. I tried this tonight & it only lightened it a shade. My hair is medium brown that had faded from a mahogany brown, with a lot of the red tones still in it. It’s a very subtle difference, so we’ll see if it looks any different in the morning. Still have to find a new way to lighten my hair, so my roots aren’t so noticeable. Hmmm….

  2. Does it work also for the coloured hair? I´ve been using the German plant colour “Khadi” containing henna and indigo (but don´t want to continue using it because the resulting colour is too dark).

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