Incredibly Attractive Design Patterns You Need In Your Home

Interior design is, without a doubt, a trend-driven industry, where trends come and go in cycles. A few years back, minimalism and simplicity were the way to go. Scandinavian, hygge, call it however you want, simplistic house design was everywhere. Now, however, times are a-changing.

While minimalism won’t go anywhere anytime soon, the new trend is to combine simplicity with intricate designs and patterns, to give your house a bit more personality. If you want to give your house an upgrade, here are five patterns you can consider including.

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1. Plaids

Plaids originate in Scotland and have since become one of the most popular patterns for interior design. These work very well in a traditional home, as well as in a modern one and are especially suited for people who don’t want to go over the top with their design.

Plaids are better used in living rooms and kitchens, but can easily be included in bedrooms as well. The best way to add plaid accents is through textiles. For example, a beige, monochromatic couch will look instantly better with some plaid patterned pillows.

2. Chevron

When stripes get too excited, they turn into a beautiful chevron pattern, which can be easily recognizable and works perfectly in every room. The zigzag stripes can instantly make a room look vibrant and playful.

The easiest way to spice up a room with a chevron pattern is to include an accent wall. A wall covered with chevron wallpaper with tones similar to the ones in the room will add liveliness and movement to any space. If you don’t want to go over the top, a small rug and some throwing pillows should do the trick.

3. Stripes

One of the most basic, yet timeless patterns, stripes work on any and every occasion. They can be symmetric or in different widths; they can be two or a dozen of colors, they can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal or any way you like.

Striped rugs are one of my favorite room décor elements, so it should come as no surprise that I’ll recommend to spice up any monotonous room with one. You can find plenty of striped luxury rugs for sale, as well as affordable ones, depending on your budget.

4. Geometrics

Geometric prints are abstract shapes pieced together to create a pattern. They can be simple or complex forms, placed regularly or randomly or mixed and matched in many ways.

An accent wall with geometric wallpaper can work perfectly in living rooms or bedrooms. If you don’t want to change your walls, you can get the same effect with geometric-patterned drapes. A small geometric rug in the bathroom can also add to the theme of the house.

5. Florals

Not everyone likes florals, and surely, they can be too much for some spaces but used with moderation, they can add a romantic, dreamy vibe to any apartment. Use florals on small décor elements, such as throw pillows, placemats, mugs or bathroom rugs, to ensure you don’t go too over the top.

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