Cute Denim Collection by H&M for Kids

Valentino Denim has long been cherished for its versatile ruggedness. A fabric that can withstand rough use and that can be moulded to fit the latest fashion trends is any designer’s dream! And when it comes to choosing a fabric that is breathable, comfortable, and that ensures there is no impediment in fun for your children, again the unanimous choice is denim!

H&M has recognized this potential in this wonderful fabric and brings an entire range of kids wear made solely out of denim! Dress your little boy in an amazing jacket in dark navy blue, with a shirt in a light blue colour and team it up with the latest skinny jeans and there goes your little rockstar! Your darling girl can look equally ravishing in a long sleeveless shirt paired with skinnies and a smart jacket thrown over! The possibilities to mix, match and create with denim are limitless!

The various shades of blue will contrast beautifully with colourful sneakers, ballerinas or hair accessories and scarves. And the hardy material of the fabric will be able to withstand oodles of naughtiness, jumping off tree branches, food fights and playing in the mud! Denim is easy to maintain and all you need to do is give it a simple wash.

So let the fun begin!

HM-Denim-2013-Collection-for-Kids_03 HM-Denim-2013-Collection-for-Kids_01 HM-Denim-2013-Collection-for-Kids_04 HM-Denim-2013-Collection-for-Kids_05 HM-Denim-2013-Collection-for-Kids_06 HM-Denim-2013-Collection-for-Kids_07 HM-Denim-2013-Collection-for-Kids_08 HM-Denim-2013-Collection-for-Kids_11 HM-Denim-2013-Collection-for-Kids_09 HM-Denim-2013-Collection-for-Kids_12 HM-Denim-2013-Collection-for-Kids_10 HM-Denim-2013-Collection-for-Kids_13

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