This Cute High Heel Cupcakes Can’t be Any Cuter

As time passes by, the culture of eating has changed a lot too. Before, cakes are meant to be eaten as a dessert and nothing more. Today, we are bombarded with aesthetically pleasing desserts, like these high heel cupcakes that you just can’t miss! The cupcake joins the rank of too-adorable-to-be eaten dishes and desserts, such as animal-shaped ice cream, ball-shaped cakes, or even emoji-inspired cookies. There are just so many of them!


If you’re interested in creating one of those cute desserts but at the same time, worried about how to make it, relax! The desserts are often simpler than you thought it’d be, as long as you’re imaginative enough! There are tons of edible garnishes that you can add to the dessert; to improve its taste (and obviously, level of cuteness). The key, after all, is choosing the right ingredients and combining it.

The book CUPCAKES COOKIES AND PIE, OH MY! by the New York Times best-selling authors, Karen Tack and Alan Richardson unveils ample of lovely desserts you can try out. The duo have worked on several cooking books together, but it’s safe to say the high heel cupcake idea is just as refreshing and new as any other.

How to make:
The cupcake allows your creativity to shine, as you decorate the stiletto-shaped cupcakes with sprinkles, colored-icing, frosting and sugar pearls. You can choose whether you want your “stiletto” to have bold, leopard pattern, simple sparkly glitter, or a huge ribbon on top. For the “heel”, you can use a flavored round wafer. Another useful tip: to prevent parts from breaking apart when moved to one place to another, use chocolate icing as the “glue” to stick them together. The wafer heel is quite fragile, so be very careful!

Below, we have a very helpful video that can come in handy when you decide to try making this cute cupcake. If you have, let us know how did it turn out below!


SmLgCupcakes Photo courtesy: howdoesshe.

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