Heart Shaped Princess Braiding – Hairstyle Tutorial

Braids are extremely romantic and princess like, so when we saw this tutorial we thought you will probably like it as it is so charming, it really makes you look like a princess. It is quite hard to make it by yourself, but if you are skilled with making braids shouldn’t be a problem to try it out. If you are not very skilled, show a friend our article and have fun together, make each other a princess. You don’t need anything else than a comb, a hair elastic and maybe some hairspray (but it is optional). It is easier to make than it looks, and takes just a little time, will your prince love this? Let’s find out!

Heart Shaped Princess Braiding - Hairstyle Tutorial

How to make: Separate your hair in the middle of your head and and start with french braiding in one side. At this point you will want to make everything with a small curve as you would make a half heart. When you reach the bottom, secure with the elastic. Do the same to the other half and when you reach the bottom, take the hair from the other side and continue braiding in one single braid. After you have finished with it, loosen the hair a little bit and add some hairspray if you want. Remember that deep inside we all are princesses no matter what!

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