Heart Print Denim – DIY

Heart Print Denim - DIY

This heart print denim look is perfect for any occasion and it takes less than half an hour to make.

You will need:
– jeans;
– fabric paint;
– sponge brush;
– heart punch or scissors or an exacto knife;
– cardboard.

Directions: Take the heart punch and the piece of cardboard and make 2 hearts at a distance of 7 cm one from another. As a solution, if you can not purchase a heart punch, draw 2 hearts on the cardboard and cut them out, so will remain two holes in shape of  heart. Dip the sponge brush in the paint and apply over the stencil. Start lightly with one layer of paint and go over repeatedly as needed, and then wipe it off. Pay attention to not have excessive paint on the brush because it will spread. If you make a mistake, quickly use a wet cloth and remove the paint. Keep doing the procedure until you are satisfied with the result. Have fun!

Heart Print Denim - DIY 1
Heart Print Denim - DIY 2
Heart Print Denim - DIY 3
Heart Print Denim - DIY 4

Heart Print Denim - DIY 5 Photo courtesy: cutoutandkeep.

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