Hand Pies With Nutella And Banana – DIY Recipe

Want to eat some delicious pies that doesn’t need more than 30 minutes to be prepared? Yes, they are very quick to make and they are made with nutella and bananas, who wouldn’t like them? The pies are fried and this gives them an even better taste. Preparation time is approximately 20 minutes and the frying takes only around 6 minutes, then the decoration of the pies and eating we are sure takes only seconds because they are so good and delicious. The ingredients will be enough for 8 small pies so if you want more you can double them.

Hand Pies With Nutella And Banana - DIY Recipe

– purchased pie crust;
– 8 tbps. of nutella;
– 2 banana’s that are sliced;
– one beaten egg;
– some vegetable oil in a pan to fry the pies;
– some powdered sugar;
– round cookie cutter and some paper towels.

1. First thing you have to do is to roll out the pie crust and with the round cookie cutter make circles out of the dough.
2. Put one tablespoon of nutella and 3 slices of banana on each round shape.
3. Brush the egg on the edges of the pie, the fold them and seal the edges. You can use a fork to pinch the edges to be sure they won’t separate.
4. Put the vegetable oil in a pot, bring it to the right heat and insert the pies in it until they are golden (it should take around 2-3 minutes).
5. Take the pies ot from the oil and put them on the paper towels.
6. Sprinkle some powdered sugar over them and they are ready to be served!

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