Hair Bands Straightening Technique

Hair Bands Straightening Technique

Throughout the day our hair undergoes many processes that cause him damage. Even the simply fact that we expose it to the sun it is a damaging factor, because sun dries it out. Not to mention if we would use hair curlers or hair straighteners on a daily basis, it would be a lot to handle to our hair. If you have natural wavy hair and you like to straighten it, but you are concerned about the health of your hair and don’t want to use a straightener, this technique will blow you away.

All you will need to successfully straighten it are some hair bands. After you have finishes showering and your hair comb it and split it into two equal piece. Now, take the bands and secure the hair with them as you can see in the pictures, along the entire lengths of your hair strands put some bands so it stays straight. Sit like this until your hair dries or go to bed if you are doing this at nigth and you will enjoy beautiful straight hair without harming your hair.

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