Hair and Makeup – The Perfect Match

So much effort goes into selecting a frame when it comes to framing your favourite family photographs! You are insistent on the colours, so that it brings out the best in the photo, isn’t it?! Well, that is precisely what your hair does to your face and to the makeup that you apply! The colour of hair creates an aura, highlighting your facial features in a certain way, and you need to know the right makeup to go with it, to bring out the best in you.

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1. Chocolate Brown – If you are blessed with dark brown tresses, go wild with that make-up palette! Reds, plums and metallics work extremely well. You could work out a look with some shimmery metallic hued eyeshadow, thick black liner on the rims, dollops of mascara, gold dusted cheekbones and bold red lips.

2. Jet Black – Black forms the ultimate contrast with any colour, and brings out the best in a monotone. Try highlighting just one feature; for instance, play up your eyes with a strong smokey hue keeping the cheeks and lips subtly brushed with beiges and pinks.

3. Blonde – Blonde and its shades surround your face with light, and glowing make up is what compliments it best! Shades of peach, amber, pinks and golds look magnificent. Put together a look with a champagne eyeshadow, brown eyeliner and mascara. Give a nice warm peach tint to the cheeks and rosy hued gloss to the lips.

4. Red – Capture the warmth of ginger red hair with makeup that has hints of apricots and browns. A shock of green for the eyes makes for a gorgeous contrast that can be enhanced by dewy pink lips! You could try a look with some mossy green shadow, a red hued brown eyeliner and pinks and beiges for the lips and cheeks!

5. Soft Brown – A darling shade of hair, just about any kind of makeup can look beautiful with medium brown locks! Bold to neutral, neon to pastel; you can carry off any look! Use some beige or grey shadow around your eyes, pricked up with blue eyeliner. Sweep your cheekbones with a warm pink blush and add a dash of bold colour to your lips!

Your tresses can create the ultimate impact, and when done up with make up which highlight your beautiful features, you are ready to head out with confidence!

Hair and Makeup – The Perfect Match

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