Green Splash Nail Art – DIY Tutorial

The look of these nails is very similar to how quail eggs look and it is a combination of two shades of green. If you tried out nail tutorials before that involve you to use water, it is great, if not, it is great again, a good opportunity to start trying out some. Once you will make some, you will get into the fever and will enjoy doing different models and patterns. Today’s tutorial is very similar to some we presented you in the past and the uniqueness of it is given by the colors used.

What you will need:
– dark green nail polish;
– light pearled green nail polish;
– a small container with water;
– some alcohol in a spray bottle.
– some acetone and q-tips to remove the excess polish;
– top coat (optional).

1. Paint all of your nails with the dark green shade and let the polish dry very well;
2. Take the small container with water and start putting a few drops of the other polish in it (the light green one).
3. Spray some alcohol over the polish.
4. Stick one nail into the water.
5. Repeat the process until all of your nails are done.
6. Clean the excess polish from skin and let your nails dry very well.
7. Optionally, use a top coat over them and wait everything to dry. Your nails are done!

Green Splash Nail Art - DIY Tutorial

Photo courtesy: spektorsnails.

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  1. It does not say what temperature the water has to be will it have a different affect with different temperature’s?

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