Great Ways To Make Your Mascara Last Longer

Usually every mascara you buy should last for about 6 months, then they dry out. Sometimes, they don’t last as much and you can use them for only 3 to 4 months, but there it still is some in the recipient, but dried. What can you do about it? How can you make it possible to use it all and save money? It is quite easy, most of tricks that make mascara last longer need only one ingredient and the problem is solved. Another good thing it is that finding all these solutions that can be used is very easy and you will understand why we say that.

Great Ways To Make Your Mascara Last Longer

How to make your mascara last longer:
1. Use saline solution – put 4 or 5 drops of it in the mascara container, shake and use;
2. Use eyedrops – put again 4 or 5 drops in the mascara bottle, mix with the wand and apply. This and the previous one both moisturize the dried out mascara,
3. Try to find mascara that is no more than one year since it has been manufactured;
4. Put a few drops of alcohol in the mascara container, mix and use;
5. After use, always close the container tightly so no air can get in, most times mascara dries out because of air in the bottle;
6. When you insert and take out the wand try to not pump inside too much air and this way you will help it last lot more.

Don’t forget that you always have to throw out your mascara if you feel you have an eye infection, it might be an allergic cause to it. Be aware, test the tips and don’t throw your mascara away too early!

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